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At the same time and the businessman in the actions from the long-term forecast and even, maybe, from an of long-term goals (in this case as a long-term goal the profit, as a rule, undertakes) the development, but it has no the defining value for of its activity. It proceeds from need of receiving result during the short period, for it paramount value gets, considering that at its order small financial and appliances, the accelerated turnover of financial means. This special assumes businesses appropriate technology of its maintaining.

This innovative approach should be considered as the innovative process happening constantly and in search of changes of the existing practice as an of receiving the social and economic benefits.

It is important that many actions were coordinated on and performers. On the basis of the business plan it is recommended to carry out the integrated balance estimated calculations on the basis of which the businessman can receive a about advantage or unprofitability of the transaction.

The formula of business is simple: receiving profit at the minimum risk. However its is carried out in the conditions of the high level of uncertainty in success of business. This uncertainty, on the one hand, is caused by the market relations (whether will be recognized in the market of the offer the businessman, and with another - dynamism of change of supply and demand. From here the most important lines of business ­ risk, mobility, dynamism of enterprise actions (not to be late, in time to catch the changing demand). The businessman as speak, does not sit in place, he continuously looks for the new. To sustain the competition, it continuously improves technology of the, adjusts the goods price, its quality according to the changes happening in the environment of its action.

The specified kinds of activity can be carried out by one person or collective (), with application of wage labor or without it, with formation of legal entity or without it. Can be subjects of business:

Need of the accounting of long-term goals of development a is caused by that their performance - research and development, the production duration, adjustment of cooperation, etc. - demands a long time. Besides, it is necessary to increase efficiency of use of the expensive equipment that is possible only on a basis. But it, of course, does not mean that the usual form of economic activity does not include elements of business activity. ­, such lines of business as mobility and dynamism, aspiration sensitively to catch market condition, etc., are always considered in respect of implementation of the current tactical actions directed on successful realization of strategic objectives taking into account the changing of the environment in which the enterprises work.

Knowing preliminary projection of the movement of and services, the businessman develops day of the plan of action (business plan). In it is mute actions for carrying out the transaction of purchase and sale, ­ calculations of the prices for purchase and sale of goods, expenses and are defined. In it is mute also the necessary number of workers, volume of transport works, a of an advertizing campaign, works on registration of documents is defined. In the business plan are also considered:

Responsibility — each copartner is responsible for losses with the share of responsibility which has to at least it to a share in property of association. Along with it there is a with unlimited responsibility. Here participants answer with all the property.

And in this regard we share the point of view of the American scientist Peter F.Druker that theoretical business activity the theory of a dynamic disbalance is.

Business is closely connected with a civilization. Thus, we proceed from civilization approach to business that means not only consideration of the phenomenon of business in the widest, global context, but also business definition as the main creative basis of any civilization.

In this regard, in our opinion, quite full from all available classifications of changes the scientist-economist Peter F.Druker offers. It to allocate seven sources of innovative changes:

The most widespread form - purchase of securities by the businessman. Its sense consists that the businessman buys money, currency, securities for a certain sum (), and then sells them to other buyer for a large sum ( (the difference between Dv and Df gives a fur-coat.