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It should be noted that not smaller conditions for progress create also qualities of people, their eagerness and a set of ideas. Figures, being rather realists and empiricists, than idealists, is more often abrupt, than delicate, having strong character, they were united by the same passion - to create the nation. For this purpose they wanted to have the strong state first of all. They gave to the country the constitution.

To the middle 50 as a result of the forced industrialization in VE considerable economic potential was created. The emphasis on the heavy industry, and in light industry and agricultural - is not enough investments. On counters there were few products and the food. Sharp decline in living standards in VE. To 2MB in Czechoslovakia there was the highest standard of living (!!!).

At the same time are widely adopted. the theories assuming on the one hand nonparticipation of the USA in able for them to become burdensome the unions with the European countries, and on the other hand – prohibition for these last to interfere with affairs of America.

1805 – 1806 (Austerlits) Napoleon starts dominating in Europe. His brother Louis governs in Holland; Myurat, his marshal and the brother-in-law, - in the Neapolitan kingdom; other brother – Joseph – in Spain. Union States: duchy Warsaw, Rhine union. The center of the empire – France.

After Vestf. M entered custom to hold at the foreign yards of constant residents. For the first time remade, accurately defined borders. Thanks to it the coalitions and the unions began to arise and got importance.

In summary it is possible to tell that Japan turned into the great power, generally thanks to preservation of a neutral position in the divided world, without participating in race of arms, and allocating funds in development of the industry. The main motto of Japan "all for economy" brought it big benefit and advantage on the international scene.

To the end of the century the leader becomes the USA. The doctrine of this country – the ekspansionny program is formed. Essence: it is necessary to become stronger in the Caribbean Sea; a key to Central America – Cuba (then – at Spain). Then – Latin America, through the Pacific Ocean to go to the East, Southeast Asia.