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Therefore, each advertisement has to make the Consumer some unique selling proposition. It has to speak to each certain reader: "Buy this production and you will receive this specific benefit".

First of all, advertizing has to draw attention of the potential Consumer which can be both any, and involuntary. Further advertizing has to awaken interest of the Consumer, influencing his intelligence or emotions. If advertizing by the emotional party manages to draw attention, then it has to interest it in the contents, cause this or that reaction, stimulate a certain emotional state.

What would not be the advertizing text, long or short, it has to reflect all advantages of your production most fully. It is necessary to consider that Consumers will hardly begin to read a series of announcements on the same production in hope to read in them something else not specified in others. Therefore it is always necessary to recognize that your advertisement competes along with others similar and you have only one chance to sell it to the Consumer - now or never.

In spite of the fact that people with the different income, education, values, outlook and a way of life differently make decisions on purchase, all of them, nevertheless, mostly are guided by the price and quality.

The third look - unnecessary in general to the person information. Does not pay attention to such advertizing Consumer, and in some cases it can irritate it, for example, when it display of the transfer interesting him etc. interrupts.

Does not raise any doubts that very many types of production are, at first sight, absolute are identical. However even the most mass of them, sometimes only seem identical. Once experts conduct researches and tests, on a surface surprisingly large number of fundamental differences or between types of production, or between ways of their use about which could even not suspect earlier emerges. When there is something similar, UTP often gains the stunning ability to stimulate sale.

write easily readable texts, using simple words, short phrases and some carefully chosen facts; avoid the cliched words and expressions and "witty" texts neglecting details which are required for your consumers

It is more preferable that the advertizing program included logically combined means of distribution of advertizing messages, for the purpose of full coverage of target group. (Approach it creatively! Try, to be beyond usual). If you intend to use traditional mass media, pay attention to the below-given features of each of them.

Approach purchase of different goods from different positions. On purchase of rather inexpensive goods of daily demand, as a rule, do not wish to spend a lot of time and efforts, and more expensive and less often bought durable goods and a special purpose quite often before purchase long compare and choose.

Tematiko-finansovy the plan is formed service of marketing or for a certain time period (as a rule, on, or on carrying out concrete action. Its main objective - accurately to paint the estimate of expenses on advertizing allocated with the director on the temporary periods, the used advertizing media and direct Performers. In the theory of advertizing there are some method of calculation of the optimum estimate of expenses on advertizing, but in practice it traditionally is defined by the strong-willed decision of the head.

The course of advertizing process can be controlled practically at each its stage, considering indirect signs of wellbeing or the appeared difficulties. For example, it makes sense to pay special attention to opinions of your personnel, buyers or clients about advertizing and its results, to watch number of requests for delivery of goods or requests for additional information, to analyze the reasons of their emergence and a role in it advertizing.

the turned pyramid is under construction on the basis of satisfaction of buyers with goods upon the first purchase and transfer of this feeling to another. Than degree of satisfaction of buyers is higher and the bigger number of people learns about it, the pyramid will quicker extend and will expand.