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Subsequently K. Marx repeatedly expressed the commitment to this view of the person and society. But, strangely enough it sounds in the light of the aforesaid, in all the main works K. Marx actually got up on a position of a consecutive sotsiologizm, considering people exactly and only as "products of circumstances and education".

"The public nature", "public essence" of the person are in every possible way stuck out and treated from positions of the collectivism finished to the point of absurdity. The personality in this system of outlook is considered as size small, and therefore insignificant, as "small screw" to which at breakage or malfunction replacement can be always found. In what defect of such view of the person? It was considered the person not as the purpose and independent value, and only as means for achievement of some transpersonal, and therefore abstract purposes and results.

In philosophy understand a peculiar combination in the person as identity natural and social. Let's note that the social philosophy does not study natural inclinations of the personality. She is interested in those objective conditions and subjective factors which make impact on the person and which he creates.