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On the continent the opera did not know breaks in the development. After Monteverdi in Italy one by one there were such opera composers as Cavalli, Alessandro Scarlatti (the father Domenico Scarlatti, the largest of authors of works for a harpsichord, Vivaldi and Pergolesi. In France Lully succeeded Rameau dominating on an opera scene all first half of the 18th eyelid. Though in Germany the opera was less developed, Handel's friend Teleman wrote not less than 40 operas.

In Rossini's music recognized only that is capable to bring pleasure. This motto found the embodiment practically in all sides of his creativity: Rossini's music for 99% of a zhizneutverzhdayushch, is melodious, easily remembered, in places even "is affectionate".

By power of the talent Mozart united these three directions. Still the teenager he wrote according to one opera of each look. Being the mature composer, it continued to work in all three directions though the tradition of opera seria withered. One of two of its big operas — "Idomeneus, the tsar of Crete" (178, full of passion and fire — it is executed and today, and "Tit's Mercy" (179 it is possible to hear very seldom.

The purpose of the real work — to track development of various genres of opera art in a historical section and through works of various composers which creativity by right is considered milestones in the history of opera music.