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Placement – the most important element of tourism. The hotel industry – an essence of system of hospitality. It proceeds from the most ancient traditions in the history of mankind – respect of the guest, a celebration of its reception and service.

At the same time interest in rounds of informative character increases, the quantity traveling from Kazakhstan to Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, the countries of Southeast Asia and other states considerably increased. Process of reorientation of work of travel agencies to the organization of routes of informative character, with rest, treatment, etc. extends. In the large companies departments of individual tourism are open.

The industry of hospitality is made by various means of collective and individual placement: hotels, hotels, motels, youth wanted also hostels, apartments, tourist shelters, and also the private sector participating in placement of tourists.

Business of hotel services as a type of business activity appeared the most approximate to market fluctuations of supply and demand. For the independent enterprises rendering hotel services there is a possibility of development of system of estimates on service in the market.

The end of the XIX century is characterized by rapid development of a services sector, in particular, in the post-industrial countries which are leaders in the world hotel industry and have the dominating impact on development of this branch in other countries.

Recently the tendency to decrease in number of the tourists going to shop tours, in particular China, Pakistan, Iran was outlined. The flow of the Kazakhstan tourists in SUAR, the People's Republic of China was sharply reduced. A little the number of the tourists leaving in commercial rounds - to Germany, South Korea, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates decreased.

Against further development of the market relations it is possible to count on forward increase in demand of Kazakhstan citizens at foreign trips – for the purpose of rest, entertainments and satisfaction of professional interests. It will be promoted by such factors as existence of a huge pent-up demand after cancellation of restrictions on departure abroad; growth of solvent categories of the population when 10% of Kazakhstan citizens by right carry to persons with the high level of the income; change of structure of consumption of the population in favor of nonfoods and services; reorientation of citizens from domestic market of tourism on external because of high cost of local resorts and growth of transportation costs; use of foreign trips for the solution of material and household problems of the population (shopping – one of main objectives); expansion of business contacts and cooperation on the line of new commercial structures, etc. All this characteristics of the exit tourist market.

For example, in the last ten years the gain of tourist profits and growth of tourism steadily and with great success show regions of the Middle East and the Southern Asia. At rather small territory at them quite serious volumes of tourist service that causes considerable interest of statisticians, specialists in tourism, marketing specialists and businessmen.

Recently along with traditional hotels and restaurants the specialized enterprises with the reduced set of services and dishes focused on service of representatives of a certain segment of the tourist market began to appear.

Many American villages and the cities contain today taverns which remained since colonial times. The majority of these old taverns were constructed as big houses for use by owners, and also their families and guests.

Value and role of tourism presently for development of economy of the states, satisfactions of inquiries of the personality, mutual enrichment of social communications between the countries it is impossible to overestimate. The industry of tourism takes an important place in economy of the majority of the countries. Its development represents the extensive market of workplaces.

For example, development of vehicles gave an impetus to emergence of hotels and other enterprises of placement honor in all points of the globe. Transport practically stopped being the main factor of placement of the enterprises of hotel economy.