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Industrial economic activity of a forest complex is closely connected with problems of development of nature protection and social functions of the woods. Restriction on further increase in volumes of the prepared wood raw materials together with requirements of preservation and improvement of a condition of the forest environment as parts of the biosphere, with need of increase of efficiency and use of all biomass received on cutting areas demand reorientation of all complex to a resource-saving way of development.

The greatest lag was allowed by the enterprises of multiforest regions of and the Far East. Considerably reduced production of business wood of the enterprise of the Republics of Khakassia and Buryatia, Irkutsk, Chita, Omsk areas.

Decrease in demand from capital construction was one of the reasons of reduction in production of glued plywood, window and door blocks, cement plates. Production of wooden houses of factory production decreased.

The polluted sewage of the enterprises of branch is characterized by existence in them of such harmful substances, as sulfates, chlorides, oil products, phenols, formaldehydes, methanol, furfural,,.

By employees of LTA of S. M. Kirov taking into account researches of structure of extractive substances of wood greens of a pine ordinary and data on biological activity and properties of separate compounds of extract it is created the techno

The main reason for negative impact on environment of the enterprises of this branch - use of old technologies and the outdated equipment. The considerable mass of the polluting substances coming from the main production on treatment facilities and to environment is defined by these factors. Large volume of sewage and high concentration of pollution in them compel to use the bulky treatment facilities which are not solving completely the problems. On treatment facilities a large amount of rainfall which main part comes to stores that leads to their overload and respectively to impact on underground waters is formed.