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Now we will mentally be transferred to Egypt, time the speech came about its possible communications with Atlases. About pyramids of Pharaohs the Arab authors left certificates which can be interpreted in favor of data on the flood which destroyed a civilization. Pyramids on a case of future flood are constructed. Let's stop on these certificates.

There were no the passages dividing France, Ireland and England, Denmark and Sweden, there were no seas neither Azov, nor Baltic, neither Northern, nor Black. Instead of the Black Sea there was a fresh-water lake, other mentioned seas were the land, partially or completely covered with ice. Corsica and Sardinia were one island, many islands of the Aegean Sea also merged then together; Balearic Islands and the Azores occupied the much bigger space, and many passages between them were not. Even without instructions on the accident which absorbed Atlantis or on a Flood clearly that the area of sushi in Atlantic then was such considerable, as without Platon, and without catastrophic possible changes it is possible to consider this land by some kind of Atlantis - big islands in Atlantic of that period.

Most of scientists considers that there was two Atlantis in different geographical regions: the first (actually Atlantid - in Atlantic, and the second (East Atlantid included the most ancient cities of Asia Minor and the Mediterranean. The last was based by immigrants from the mother country (Atlantis Platon even before the world accident. However, some researchers place platonovsky Atlantis to the Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Crete or Santorini, and at the same time with movement correct much towards reduction and time of its existence.

For surprisingly short period - for only 2-3 thousand years - and in that time about which Platon writes, on our planet there were surprising changes. It is enough to tell that in Europe on average temperature of January increased by 30 degrees.

Pay attention to that circumstance that al-Masudi, first, pointed to the valuable scientific information which is stored in pyramids, secondly, opened value of this information. It is unlikely it is possible to guess, who this Surid who ordered to construct the first pyramid.