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From this protocol of experience it is visible that cancellation of a habitual reinforcement leads to quite fast ugasheniye of a conditioned reflex, however up to the end "from a reflex, as a rule, does not die away. More difficultly defensive conditioned reflexes are exposed to an ugasheniye. It is more difficult to ugasit the old, strongly fixed conditioned reflex in comparison with young, just formed. Further, at a hungry dog it is more difficult to ugasit a food conditioned reflex, than at the full. These features of process of an ugasheniye are easily explainable.

Ultraboundary braking also belongs to the unconditional. It arises at animals and the person when force of a conditional irritant or frequency of its presentation to an animal are too great and surpass a limit of operability of fragile nervous cells of bark of big hemispheres. From here and the name - ultraboundary braking. It can be observed and at action of unconditional irritants. If to include a water tap so that dripped from it, at the dog who is in this room at first the unconditioned approximate reflex will be shown - the dog will approach a sink, will rise by hinder legs, will record a look the dripping water. Then the animal calms down, sits down near a sink and gradually sounds of the falling drops lead to development of ultraboundary braking in those cells of bark of big hemispheres which were excited to data

Conditioned reflexes are studied at different representatives of invertebrate and vertebrate animals. It is shown that at bees conditioned reflexes for various bright colors are well developed. If to paint a half of a little table in red, and other half green color and to put on the zel ache to a half a cup with sweet syrup, all bees will be soon

Comparative researches of speed of development of elementary conditioned reflexes at various animals at observance of the approaches described above allowed to receive results unexpected at first sight. It appeared,

Ugasatelny braking. If at a dog the conditioned slyunootdelitelny reflex is developed, it can be ugasit, having cancelled a habitual food reinforcement. Let's give an example of experiences of Pavlov with an ugasheniye of the food conditioned reflex developed on metronome sounds.

Conditioned reflexes are studied at fishes, amphibious, reptiles, birds and it is especially good at mammals. Among mammals the greatest attention is drawn by dogs and monkeys. Recently interest of scientists is caused by representatives of water mammals - dolphins. Using amazingly friendly attitude of dolphins towards the person, researchers, working with dolphins, develop at them the most difficult tool conditioned reflexes making a basis of circus representations in dolphinariums.

Differentsirovochny braking, providing thin distinction by animals and the person of closely related irritants, promotes specialization of conditioned reflexes, that is exact and correct response to external incentives.