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Perfection reports to knowledge the reason attributing to objects that it takes from itself(himself). The reason in the broadest sense means the amateur performance of the subject including both aprioristic forms of mind (category), and the aprioristic ideas made by reason already in narrow sense of this word. Aprioristic forms of sensual contemplation and mind,

Theosophists have too pretty anti-world relation to the world to their surrounding. The world today's will burn down on FIRE and after it will appear new, so why to reflect over today's, after all a material cover a temporary phenomenon.

So such truth as concept? The truth is the most adequate understanding of the world. This best outlook. But the truth, uniform for all, does not happen as there is no uniform outlook also. For example, the scientific truth is a scientific picture of the world which constantly changes, but uniform is its material essence, a basis.

Life of people in society has historical character. That slowly, is accelerated, in time all components of socio-historical process intensively change: technical means and nature of work, human relations and people, their thoughts, feelings, interests. The outlook of human communities, social groups, persons is also subject to historical changes. It actively catches, refracts the big and small, obvious and hidden processes of public changes. Speaking about outlook in big socio-historical scale, mean the stories prevailing at this or that stage extremely general belief, the principles of knowledge, ideals and norms of activity, that is allocate common features of an intellectual, emotional, spiritual spirit of this or that era. And in reality the outlook is formed in consciousness of specific people and used by persons and social groups as the general views defining life. And it means that, except standard, total lines, the outlook of every era lives, works in a set of group and individual options.

come from the general rule which was once borrowed from experience. The last are aprioristic, pure knowledge. "From aprioristic knowledge - Kant explained - that knowledge to which anything is not added empirical at all are called pure".

All know that modern society is characterized by the global crises saying only that change of outlook is now extremely necessary. Or all of us will go another, humane in relation to the world, way, or our civilization will forever disappear. Them much. Let's pay attention on especially global (crises which can be solved by efforts of a large number of the population).

But perhaps ecological crisis will destroy our civilization much quicker, than we think. Destruction of an ozone layer of Earth already now affects climate of the planet. The natural ecological balance is broken. World warming will lead to that the global drought and if the sun melts ice of Antarctic and the Arctic will be started anew, all civilization will disappear under water which under the influence of the destructive Sun too will disappear subsequently, having carried away with itself the last forms of life.

Rejecting general material criterion of truth, Kant, found possible existence of partial material criterion of truth, understanding under "material" and "matter" not the valid matter, as objective reality, and a condition of consciousness. This criterion for Kant consists in compliance of knowledge of "matter", that is to feelings and perceptions and as the last cannot be characterized by property of generality, and the "material" criterion can be only partial.

It is how important to have outlook? Very important. Whether it be the person separately or society in general, the outlook needs to be had. Though this most general idea about our world, without it society and the person will be in vacuum, in uncertainty. There will be no purpose, so and existence will be senseless.

Scientific and technical Progress - a basis of a modern civilization. He is only 300-350 years old. Then there was an industrial civilization. NTP impregnates all civilization (activity, life of people). Everything is connected with NTP, even culture (the industry of reproduction of products of culture is created). The following purpose - it is visible - emotions.