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Instruction to the examinee: "Before you the sheet of paper and a pencil lies. On this leaf I ask you to draw just the same picture which you see in this drawing (before isputuyemy put a leaf with "Lodge") do not hurry, be attentive, try as that your drawing was just the same as this on a sample. If you not so draw something, to erase an elastic band or a finger of anything it is impossible, and it is necessary over wrong or correctly to draw with a row. The task is clear to you? Then get to work."

The technique "Lodge" can be estimated as performance of drawing of 0 points is good. All details of drawing are present, all elements of drawing are represented correctly, there are no gaps between lines and a zalezaniye of lines one for another. There is no increase in details of drawing more than 2 times at relative preservation of the size of all drawing. There are no deviations of lines more than on 30 degrees.