Simple Essay On Practical Philosophy

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N. S. Zlobin specifies in the works that the organizational culture is a creative, creative activity of the organization, as last, embodied in values, traditions, norms, and real, based on an opredmechivaniye of these values, norms and traditions ({13}, Page 4;

The ritual behavior, on the other hand, undoubtedly, represents means of nonverbal communication. Besides, complex research of ritual has to affect also its interrelation with art, architecture, with a role of the specific objects used in ritual, for example special ritual attires. All these components on the structure and value are nonverbal, by all means in the context of ritual.

Apparently, in all these legends the relation of the chief and subordinate is traced. In society in which let it is very frequent, in an indistinct form, equality is propagandized, the hierarchical structure of the enterprise conducts to very unpleasant collision with an inequality phenomenon. These legends of equality and an inequality serve to give the chance to be expressed to the available intensity and to break the last in positive light.