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The liver received after cutting of a pollock gathers and goes for further processing in canning production, and the sub-standard liver goes for production of vitamin A in fat. Other interiors send to a freezing and then to production of fermentativny preparations.

At fast freezing proteolytic enzymes lose activity as free moisture in fish freezes. However some, in particular oxidizing (the catalase, peroxydase, continue to work, causing oxidation of the formed proteinaceous and lipidic complexes. and fats. Also moisture-holding ability of cages goes down and there is a protein denaturation which are worsened by quality of the defrozen product though at fast freezing (this case) quality of the defrozen product closely on the indicators to a product before freezing.

The operation purpose - to fill baking sheets for freezing packaged in plastic bags of fillet weighing 1 kg. Workers fill the baking sheets arriving on a laying table with packages with fillet and on the lamellar conveyor send for blockage of freezing devices. Packages with fillet place in freezing baking sheets in one row.

development of production of the wide range of frozen fillet in small packaging and for a prompererabotka, development and development of technology of new forms of the frozen fillet including ready to heat treatment and the subsequent use in food without additional introduction of food ingredients;

The following equipment is a part of this line: bunker stores; the conveyor for manual cutting; ITO car for beheading of fish; filleting, cars; a table with scales for inspection and laying of fillet in baking sheets. On this line obesshkurenny fillet from treskovy fishes 40 - 65 cm long is made. In the beginning fish is decapitated, then on, to the filleting car fillet is cut off and passed on shkurosjyomnuyu-the car. Obesshkurenny fillet is inspected, keeps within baking sheets and after weighing goes to the freezing device AMP-7 intended for freezing of fillet. If necessary on this line it is possible to filetirovat fish manually. Four workplaces are for this purpose provided. All cars of the line and workplaces are connected by interoperational conveyors.

The operation purpose - removal of foreign inclusions, including larvae of nibeliniya. The fillet of a pollock moving on the conveyor look through from both parties at raying on a special table at the conveyor. At detection in it foreign inclusions, including larvae of nibeliniya, completely delete them. The larvae of nibeliniya deleted from fileychik collect in the ware which is specially intended for this purpose with salt solution with a density of 1,2 g/cm3; solution with collected larvae of nibeliniya is processed chloric lime then pour out in the sewerage. After cleaning, on the conveyor fileychik direct on a sink and fixing.

The operation purpose - freezing of fillet up to the temperature in the thickness of a package is not higher minus 18 °C. Freezing is made the Baking sheets loaded by fillet and arriving on the conveyor manually install in the tunnel freezing device GKA-4-1 on an inclined motionless table and on two push together on a mobile platform, getting to the transport carriage. The platform rises up two screws with an infinite two-way carving. In the top situation the platform opens the gate and the carriage with baking sheets is forcibly entered into the device. In the freezer 14 rows horizontal directing on which are located carriages with baking sheets move. Carriages pass consistently all 14 rows and are brought out of the device on directing combs on a loading platform and process repeats to a full load of the freezer which lasts 2 hours. Then the device begins freezing process which lasts as much. During this time make loading of the second device and upon termination of loading begin unloading of the first. Unloading and loading of the first is made at the same time.

The operation purpose - tight packing of fileychik under vacuum in polymeric packages. Pumping out is made in NZO-IUP-car chambers Polymeric packages with the packaged fillet manually stack on the pallet in one of chambers in two ranks so that three packages of the first row the open end laid down on the low heater, without blocking one another, and three packages of the second row the open end on the high heater. Then manually close the sprung cover and pressing of the button turn on the vacuum pump. From a chamber via the distributor of vacuum and a moisture separator air is pumped out until works pressure relay setting heating elements which press mouths of packages to clamping levels in motion and make them.

For survey to select from different places without sorting as agreed by the parties to 3% of lump of fish in party. To sort the copies which sustained mechanical damage during unloading and at determination of quality not to consider.