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- a choice of methods of researches and means of production of works with the minimum violation of the course of natural processes, and first of all, the fiziko-geological phenomena (activization of landslides, emergence of ravines, change of natural structure pochvoobrazuyushchy is time;

- temporarily / during the spring and autumn periods / the excess humidified soils demanding carrying out agromeliorative receptions for improvement of the water-air mode. This group includes gray forest opodzolenny soils;

Decrease of levels of ground waters is carried out by the closed collectors in combination with selective closed material drenazhy, with the device of the filtering absorbing wells and obligatory application of the mole drainage.

Construction of a meliorative network represents possibility of replacement invaluable sedge the associations which grew with a melkolesye and a bush on the highly productive agricultural landscape which is esthetically improving the earth.

Planning of a surface of old arable lands by development of soil the 108 h.p. bulldozer; a soil disking a heavy disk harrow in the unit with a tractor of 108 h.p. in 3 traces; alignment of a surface by the rail scheduler on a tractor of 75 h.p. in 2 traces.

Considering absorbing wells as system of vertical wells at the set water filtration mode from an arable layer, average inflow of nadmerzlotny waters to a well absorber/m3/d / for the settlement period can be determined by Dupuis's formula:

It is promoted deep processing of the soil / deep loosening(s) timely its loosening after waterings and plentiful rains, and also cutting of cracks in row-spacings on depth of 15-20 cm. Interrow processings should be carried out regularly in 1-2 days after waterings up to a smykaniye of a sheet surface of plants.

Initial processing of the soil which includes: plowing by a shrubby and marsh plow in the unit with a tractor of 108 h.p., a disking in three traces, alignment of a surface after a the rail scheduler in two traces.

Processing of the soil for cultivation of cultures at an irrigation has to be directed on creation of the sufficient volume of the soil capable to hold a necessary reserve of moisture for plants and to minimize its losses.

We determine by a curve of particle size distribution of coarse-grained sand: d10 = 0,035 cm; d17 = 0,041 cm; d60 = 0,058 cm;  = - = 1,6 Porosity 0,39; i0 = 1,65 t/m3; water return coefficient - 0,01; the minimum temperature of a frozen zasypka at the time of an infiltration of thawed snow - 8os/t = 8/;

- carrying out liquidating and recovery actions for completion of production of all works (a zasypk of holes and dredging, wells, the return laying of a vegetable layer of earth, cleaning of the accompanying garbage and withdrawal;

The option For strengthening of the draining action of the closed collectors is provided cutting of the mole drains at a depth 0,6m with mezhdrenny distance 5m, diameter of the trainer 10sm. The mole drains will be completely in mineral soil. It will allow to increase distance between collectors twice i.e. to accept distance 26m.

Solonetzic soils, malt, meadow and marsh and peaty and humous and gley soils of decreases need an agrochemical okulturivaniye. For bringing these soils to the cultivated level with the maintenance of mobile forms of phosphorus and potassium in number of 25-30 mg / 100. The general norm of introduction of these elements will make - phosphorus - 1600 and 400.. . potassium.

By option For decrease in filtrational resistance at the movement of water from an arable layer to the closed collectors the krotovaniye on depth 0,60m the trainer with a diameter 10sm with distance between the mole drains 5m is accepted.

At a drainage zalozheniye in a frost penetration zone it can not work during the spring period because of education in a collector and drains of ice traffic jams. Can be the reasons of formation of ice traffic jams in drains: