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In the conditions of strongly increased speeds of vehicles (planes, the ships, trains and cars) traffic safety, prevention of collisions, timely and fast detection of various obstacles is of particular importance. Achievement of the specified purposes is provided with the radars of different types installed by planes, the ships, trains, cars.

Fast rates of development of the industry led to very undesirable consequences — to sharp increase in scales of pollution of the environment surrounding the person. Environmental protection is one of actual global problems of mankind, and already now it is necessary to exercise an effective, operating control of its pollution.

Ship radars find rocks, icebergs, islands, other vessels, automatically define distance to them and provide safe driving of the ships at night, in fog, near rocky coast.

Exclusive efficiency of data acquisition about a sostoyaiya of crops on big squares and dynamics of change of this state does remote radio physical methods especially valuable to reliable forecasting of a crop of different cultures and optimum planning of necessary agrotechnical actions eventually.