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Multiflowered haricot — Ph. multiflorus Milld. — It is presented by generally curling forms. from the soil does not take out. Leaflets large, poorly. Tsvetonosnosa long with 16 — 30 flowers. Flowers large, bright red, pink or white. Beans large, rough, with very large, often brightly seeds. It is used in food as vegetable culture, but it is more often grown up as a plant.

The celery on protein content, is better than mineral substances and vitamins from spicy vegetables and costs in this regard above parsley and a parsnip. Leaves of a celery are vitamin-rich With and carotene. contain vitamins C, B1, V2, RR; they are rich also with salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus. The essential oils which are in all parts of a plant impact them a smell and relish. In a celery there is an essential oil which is not present in other vegetable plants. The celery in cookery, in the canning industry is used.

Celery — Apium graveolens L. — biannual families Umbrella — Umbclliferae ( — Apiaccae). The cultural celery is presented by three versions: the rhizocarpous — var. garyassit (Mill.) D. The page — forms well developed root crop (to 10 cm and diameter; the petiolar — var.duice (Mill.) D.C. — does not form a root crop, scapes of leaves strongly ; the sheet — var. scealinum Alef. — does not form a root crop, forms well developed socket of leaves. Grade;! versions call rhizocarpous, the second — petiolar, the third — sheet (sryvny).

American and Asian. Types of the American group are characterized by large beans with a long klyuvik, large seeds of N small wedge-shaped. Types of Asian group differ in small cylindrical beans without klyuvik, small seeds and wide roundish stipules, a rogoobrazny outgrowth on the flower boat.

Flower of papilionaceous type, as well as at peas, but the is spiralno bent. Coloring of flowers white, pink, light-violet, two-color flowers meet. Correlation between coloring of a flower and a seed is observed: forms with violet flowers have black seeds, with the pink — red, and with white — white.