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At such coefficient of delay currents in any two sections located at an angle 90 ° (for example, in 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, 4 and, cause on O'O axis" fields which are shifted on a phase on 90 °, and waves which are polarized at an angle 90 °. As a result of addition of these linearly - the polarized waves waves with a circular turn out.

In a of development of radio engineering the antenna-feeder devices calculated on work in very wide range ­ and besides without any reorganization are required more and more. Frequency independence of such antenna-feeder devices is based on the principle of similarity.

One of standard spirals has diameter of 76 mm, is made on the of epoxy dielectric, supplied with the resonator of 26 mm in depth, works in a wave band. 15 cm at, width of the chart of a 2' =. 80 ° and coefficient in the direction of a of the main petal less than 3 dB, i.e. can be considered polarization circular. to produce flat spiral antennas in the printing way on thin sheets of dielectric with small losses at high frequencies.